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NGO Hea Algus

Hea Algus began its life in Estonia in 1994.  In 1996 it was officially registered and founded as a nongovernmental organization (NGO) to manage the educational program Step by Step and the educational reform program in Estonia.  A large part of its activity is directed towards in-service training for teachers and their professional supervision. Hea Algus also implements `The Family Program`, the target group of which is parents at risk and parents of children with special educational needs.

Hea Algus (HA) introduces and develops methodology that focuses on learning through activity/play and supports independent decision making; helps to create a child centered learning environment in schools that increases the effectiveness of work(study?) and the satisfaction of children, teachers and parents; and creates a network of educational establishments implementing the HA methodology, laying foundation to their close cooperation with each other, with universities and educational officials.


Hea Algus aims to build a more open and equal society by promoting child-centered thinking in education.

The activities of the NGO are divided between four important areas specified in their articles of association:

  • In-service training for teachers and parents (different adult learning courses)
  • Work with families, assisting social groups who cannot cope on their own.
  • Networking in educational and social fields
  • Various developmental projects in organizational development, international experience and development of new areas of activity.

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